Full-time educational programs

Joint program of KCU and KUMR

Together with the Kyiv University for Market Relations (4 level of accreditation) Kyiv Christian University proposes a program, graduates of which will receive two documents at once - the diploma of junior bachelor of the state standart and the certificate of theological education. Besides, having a profession and a basic theological education, a graduate will be able to continue his studies in his field at any higher institution of Ukraine, beginning immediately with the third course.

The uniqueness of this program is that a student simultaneously combines theological and secular education, living and studying in a Christian environment, where Evangelic principles of ethics and morality are professed, and reigns spiritual care for each student.

The intake for the following specialities is underway:

  • Legal Science
  • Finance and Credit
  • Production Engeneering

Time of education in the College - 3 years on full-time basis.

The application deadline is July 22nd.

All secondary school graduates who passed the examinations for external independent evaluation are invited.

In addition, nonresident students, which have the characteristics from a pastor of a Christian church, for the  period of training are provided with accommodation and receive benefits on meal. For orphaned children education, lodging and food is provided for free.

Information on entry conditions and period of submission of documents you can find in the main menu.