Admission Requirements

The members of Evangelical Christian Baptist churches can be accepted at Kyiv Christian University. They ought to have high school education, be willing to serve God and to successfully pass the entrance exams. The KCU is open for the believers from other Christian denominations. The question of their entrance should be discussed individually.

In order to become a student of Kyiv Christian University, it is necessary to give the required package of documents to administration and successfully pass the entrance exams and an interview.

The entrance exams are:
1. Test on knowledge of the Bible.
2. Theological/doctrinal composition.
3. IQ test.
4. Interview.

Over the period of the entrance exams, non-resident enrollees are provided with three meals a day and lodging.

How you can get to us, see contacts.

If you have questions, please, contact us via phones 574-40-72, 550-43-85 or write to us.