The mission of KCU is to educate students on the basis of biblical principles, giving them higher education, which corresponds with Evangelical worldview and oriented towards standards of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. KCU makes it its mission to contribute to mature personalities’ formation, prepared for the ministry for the society on the basis of Christian values and obtained specialization.

The Goals of the University

  1. Provide students with necessary knowledge in accordance with the chosen specialization.
  2. To develop skills of analytical approach to different social processes and events in the framework of Christian worldview.
  3. To foster desire in students to grow intellectually and spiritually.
  4. To inspire students to reach high standards of Christian life by showing them high and absolute ideals of Christian ethics.

The Philosophy of the University

The Kyiv Christian University is focused primarily on humanitarian sciences in its educational activity. It strives to give students the knowledge, which is applicable for the church, society and the Motherland.

The students have opportunity to receive a higher education in accord with Christian principles and values, encouraging them to value biblical demands concerning ethical norms and goal of human life and activity.

The academic programs consist of the subjects, which contribute to spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth of students during the study process. The programs meet the requirements of the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association.

The University’s faculty consists of mature and devoted Christians, who possess good knowledge and are of good righteous life example for students.